Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 3

After a glorious, much-needed night's sleep, we were ready to go again. We had a fun breakfast & coffee with Grammy & her sweet friends (always good to see them!) and then were on the road again. This day the driving was so much easier - I can drive the road from Farmington to Lubbock just about in my sleep, since we did it so many times earlier in our marriage. I was very thankful for our XM subscription, DVD player, and car games today, as there's not a lot to see or hear out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. My kids had a blast with our car bingo game (one of my son's squares was a mullet - really??) and the car karaoke. I might have ended that one a bit early though. We did see a fast-moving forest fire as we rounded the final turn to Albuquerque. I took a picture just as we first saw the mountain, and as we came around towards Rio Rancho, the fire and smoke had already crested the top and was speeding down the other side. It looked to be west of the mountains near Santa Fe, and I hope they had it contained quickly.  Also, it's really hot in New Mexico. I live up in the Pacific Northwest now, and we're still having lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s/80s. It got up to 103 on my car thermometer as we were leaving Santa Rosa!

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