Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 2

     I woke up eaaaaaaaaaarly this morning, determined to get up and GO! My husband thought we would have been on the road a day earlier and had already arranged a day trip to Salt Lake City for work. After he left, I finished the little odds and ends packing I needed to do, woke up the kids, fed them, finished getting me ready, and started packing the car. (PSA: I should have let my Superman do it the day before. He's so much better at that, it's not even funny!). After over an hour of the dog eyeing me suspiciously ("What do you mean I'm NOT going???") we were finally ready to go! 
    We ended up leaving over 2 hours later than I wanted, on the longest day driving of this whole crazy adventure. Which made for a nice surprise in SLC - we ran into Superman as he was heading back to the airport. It also meant that we were going to get to my in-laws' house after midnight. Yuck. Fortunately they called and graciously offered to rescue me...I mean meet us and take over driving in Moab. I remember telling my son to get in the front seat while my father-in-law was going to drive, asking the guys a few questions, and then saying I was going to take them up on their offer to lean back and rest. Then I woke up as we were practically in their town, looking for where he had parked his car (this was three hours later!)

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