Tuesday, July 05, 2011

On the First Day of Second/Fifth Grade...

The great thing about moving in August is that you don't have a whole lot of time to sit and pout in your room about not having anyone to play with before school starts. However, it is just enough time to really enjoy your new neighborhood pool that you have passes to! Both AZ3 & AZ4 had to be registered at the new schools and attend orientation nights. He was nervous as we walked the halls of the new place but tried very hard not to show it - only grabbed my hand (his was shaking a bit) as we walked to his classroom. She was not a bit nervous - ready to meet some new friends and start a new adventure!

On the first day of school, they each picked out their outfits the night before (with Mom approval), and got up and ready in a flash! We took the mandatory pictures by the vehicle side mirrors - these are fairly standard heights and a good way to measure height from year to year - and then headed out the door. Each gave me a sweet hug & kiss and bounded out the door. They both came home with great reports - liking their teachers and thinking there was plenty of new friend potential in their classes!


The Duty's said...

aw i remember the how exciting the first day of school was!!! super cute!

jenna duty


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