Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Lady Bug!

This year for her birthday, she proclaimed that she wanted a zoo party. Since we were under a time crunch, we opted not for the big city zoo, but one about 45 minutes from our house - The Little River Zoo. She was excited, and we would have family in that weekend also. Due to the time crunch, we expected that we wouldn't have a big crowd, but she was okay with that.

This zoo is very small, but the nice part was that we got a personal tour guide. Our little group went around the entire zoo with an employee, who not only told us the animals and their names, but also their favorite foods, habits, etc. It was very intimate and cozy, and I'm sure would have been much more fun had it not been around 105 that afternoon.

The best part was that the kids got to pet several animals at the conclusion of the tour. They were allowed to step in with the kangaroos, and pet a tortoise/a porcupine (not the business end!)/a goat/and a really fuzzy bunny. Except for the heat, everyone had a great time, and Az4 got her wish for a zoo party!

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