Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Moving Day!

So after numerous goodbyes, moving day finally arrived. Since Az1 had already started his new job, he would fly that afternoon back to our old city while the kids and I were at the old house with the movers. They would pack the house that Friday, we would clean and leave Saturday, spend Saturday night as the first night at the new house, and the movers would arrive Monday morning at the new house.

We were very blessed with great movers! I tried to keep them full of cold water (as long as I could), and they were very gracious and patient. The kids did a good job of staying out of their way (as much as they could), and the movers had us packed completely in one day! I was amazed - they are experts at their jobs! After some last-minute playing in the backyard, we picked up Daddy at the airport and checked into a hotel.

The next day, we went back to the old house for a last cleaning burst, and then we were on the road! We waved goodbye to Oklahoma as we crossed the Red River, and were glad to be back in Texas. We arrived at our new house late in the evening - around 11pm or so. Fortunately we only had one day without our "stuff", as the movers arrived right on time Monday morning!

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