Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you!

For my new year, I have several big things I want to accomplish this year - the first is reading through the whole Bible this year (and I have a devotional to help keep me on track), as well as memorizing 2 verses a month. (This is from the LPM blog - let me know if you want more info...) :)


Judy said...

Wonderful to be reading your blog again! Read all the way through... I considered reading thru the Bible, but decided reading through the NT is enough of a goal for me. Soooooooo I am at Matt 15 today. The Lord has blessed you "real good" and I'll look forward to reading more.... Luvya.

Creekermom said...

So good to hear from you.. PLEASE tell me that that 'other' little girl in the New Years photo isn't A5 the baby, who isn't a 'baby' anymore!

time flies!

I hope you are getting settled.

Miss ya on at Meese's. ((hugs))