Sunday, January 18, 2009

Upward Bound Basketball

So Az3 is playing Upward Bound basketball this year, and Daddy is his coach. He was sooooooooo excited about this as soon as we found out! We have played two games so far, and the team has done really well.

(For those of you that are unfamiliar with UB bball, here's how it works - it is run through local churches, with parents as referees and coaches. No one keeps score and there are no team rankings. The emphasis is on players learning skill basics as well as how to be a team player. The logo is "every child a winner" - b/c they will win when they realize that God loves them, has made them special, sent Jesus to save them from their sins, and has a wonderful plan for their lives. WE LOVE IT!!)

We're in the 3rd/4th grade division, and only have 7 on the team. We started with 9, but one kid moved and another broke his foot and is out all season. It has been so much fun so far - practice on Thursdays, games on Saturdays. The boys all have memory verses to work on during the week, and then there is a devotion time for everyone during half time of the games.

Pictures are from our first 2 games, so you can see the two jerseys we have. and the videos are to get an idea of what the games are like, as well as our favorite moment so far! :)

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