Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catch-up Time...

So moving....was incredibly emotional. My parents helped load up our U-haul, and then we spent that last night in town at my parents' house. Hubby and I drove our car (with the dog in the crate in the back) and my dad drove the Uhaul. My mom and the kids followed later. (There's a funny story there about Dramamine, but I'll share later.)

We arrived at the house, and it is huge!! Almost 700 sq ft more than our previous house, and like I said before, because God is good, almost 1000 sq ft bigger than the first rent house we thought we would live in. (and cheaper still - how amazing is that?!?) It took a while to get things unloaded and what not, but we finally got settled.

Then the next thing was getting everyone ready for school - the older two started school 3 days after we moved. That was done on purpose, because that way they were not sitting around all summer wondering who they could play with. It also helped force us all into a routine quickly. The 2 pictures are from the first day of 3rd grade (sigh!) and the first day of Kindergarten. (yes I cried!) Lil Miss Kindergarten only goes a half-day, but that's what I did, and it works well for our schedule. Az5 goes to a local PDO 5 days a week while I'm working, and she loves it - she has adjusted very well to the new surroundings and schedule too.

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