Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where the buffalo roam....

A couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of heading out to one of GranDaddy and GrandMommy's friends' place, to see their buffalo! Yes, real live buffalo - not more than 30 minutes from my house! It was amazing. They have a small ranch south of town, and a herd of around 170 head. (I LOVED their bunk house there - very simple but elegant - decorated in the stuffed animals he has shot on various hunting trips all around the world!) So we headed out to the pens and fields, and the first thing we saw was their longhorn - named Double T!! :) Then we saw the buffalo - several monsters of 2500+ lbs were the men, and the smaller, less shaggier ones were the females. The best part was getting to see the calves - they have been having calves for several weeks now, so we saw them in age from 3 days old (so sweet! and still shaky on her legs) up to several months. One mama was very fat (preggers) and started walking up and down the fence rubbing her sides there - our host pointed out that last time that happened, they had a calf the next morning. The buffalo do not give birth in front of humans, and our friends don't offer assistance. They are perfectly capable of handling that - the closest our friends have come to seeing a birth is walking out and finding a wet calf on the ground, with mama still cleaning it up. God in His wisdom... ;)

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