Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update on our Housing (or lack thereof...)

Good morning! So here's where we stand - the first rent house we had secured we are considering gone. The owners will not return Az1's phone calls, so we have no idea whether or not the other party got them the deposit. At this point we refuse to do business with them anyways. He went over the weekend and saw 3 potentials: 1 duplex that has a small backyard, a small house with a decent backyard, and then a huge house (the one that is double the size) with a huge backyard. We talked a lot over the phone about the pros and cons of this - the huge house requires a year lease. I was not happy - at first. But then I realized this hasn't been my plan to begin with, but His, and I am trusting Him to provide the best for us. So we decided to go ahead and apply for the big rent house. We are waiting for the owner to call us back at this point - he received our application yesterday. (It's just verifying employment, etc, that I think we're waiting on - very standard stuff.) I'm at peace with the year lease, for several reasons. One, we won't be moving the kids around during the school year, which will be very good for them. Also, it totally takes the pressure off of us selling our current house - we can let it sit and just wait. If it doesn't sell until January, we'll be okay. (Obviously not our preference, but we can just wait and hopefully get the price we want.) Also it gives us a huge amount of time to find a new house to buy - we don't have to go with whatever's available either. So I think it really is a good option - I'd just like to hear asap from the owner so we can start switching utilities and forwarding addresses....sigh..... :)

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