Monday, July 07, 2008


BTW, we now have a sign in our yard - hurray! I'll let you know when the listing is updated with more inside pictures - email me if you need the link again.

Have I mentioned that I'm surrounded by chatterboxes?? Az4 never stops talking. Never. If a thought pops into her little head, then it's out through her mouth. Today I heard all about how she could do this if that, and if not, then she could do this, or if something else happened, then she had to do that. (All about clearing the table....)

Az5 has become a talker in her own right too recently - just in the last few weeks. She has moved from single/two-word ideas ("more milk, no!mine!, I can) to complete sentences. Today's prounouncement was right before dinner - I hungry, eat crackers please? She is not only stringing together full sentences, but starting to talk about herself and others, including actions and feelings. The word "because" is also showing up lately. It's really cute to watch a 2.5-yr-old try and be deadly serious about her toys or her siblings.

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