Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the second day of second grade, I'll tell you what he did...

(Name that tune! Email me/post a comment if you know where the title of this post is from!)

Az3 started second grade this year. Time flying doesn't even begin to describe. He is so excited and has had a good couple of weeks so far. This picture is from the first day, with his teacher, Mrs. T. (She taught last year, but was Ms. M - got married over the summer) She is a wonderful teacher, and I am so pleased. I prayed long and hard this summer for her, even before I knew her name. She is the youngest teacher he's had so far, "possibly" even younger than Daddy or I. LOL! She is also (I think) in only her 2-3rd year of teaching, and is very enthusiastic about everything. She is also very organized - had a signup list for us parents with classroom parties for the entire year at the open house - before school even started. Plus, she sends home a million notes - which I LOVE! - about everything they are doing, how we can be involved as parents, what to sign, etc. Az3 seems to love her too, and even has a few friends from his first grade class in there. His first grade teacher did have to love and hug on him just a bit at the open house and on the few couple days of school - I still thank God for how blessed we were to have her for his first year of public school. And how thankful I am now for the teacher we have this year too - God not only has provided, but again blessed "above and beyond what we were able to ask or imagine"!

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Judy said...

Veggie Tales?? Not sure but sounds like the type of song when my Grands watched the Veggie Tales videos...
Excellent post. We pray for the AZ family on Tuesdays!
Great and Great-Great Aunt :-)