Sunday, September 09, 2007

You know it's fall when....

Football games start (GO BRONCOS!!!) and we have the annual Balloon Festival here in town. It's always the first weekend after Labor Day. We've gone every year (except the first - that's when we went to the UNM game...remember that one anyone?) and the kids love it every time! This year, the temperature was really warm that morning, and it had poured the night before. Unfortunately, that is not the best hot air balloon weather - they could really only go up and down. There was no wind (which was a HUGE surprise considering where we live!), so most got up in the air, and then landed in the field across the street from where they took off. We did get there around 7am though, and the kids loved every minute. The great thing about this is that it is not very crowded at all, and you can get up close and watch the balloonists from the very start to take-off. The kids loved to see how big the balloons were, even as they were just being unfolded, and thought it was cool how the guys would walk inside the balloon as they were using the fans to start opening the balloons up before they even turned on the hot air.

We went later to the Apple Butter festival at a nearby town with some friends, but it was slightly disappointing, from a grown-up standpoint. The kids had a blast - they met Johnny Appleseed, got a hayride, had lunch outside, and even got to feed the animals in the petting zoo. However, there was one thing missing - APPLES!! Apparently a late spring frost had gotten all the blooms out there, and the apples they did have at the festival, the farm had to import. Too bad - that is one of our favorite things to do with our friends. But again, the kids had fun, and we had a little grown-up time, so it was worth it to head out. (Especially since everyone took a 2+hr nap when we got home - even mom and dad! Hurray!)

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