Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Part 2...

So the next day was Wednesday, and Daddy and I decided to escape for the day. After all, we have celebrated our tenth anniversary this year! Time for just some us time...with a HUGE thank-you to Grammy and Papa!! :)

We drove up to LA, which was an experience in itself - driving up the coast was amazing, and let's just say that I had previously never been through a customs checkpoint before. Now I can say that I have been.... We went to Knott's Berry Farm and had a ever-loving blast!!! We rode roller coasters all day as we're both fans of the biggest, fastest, craziest ones you can find. I loved the one that shot you out at 60mph and went straight up and down, and Daddy loved the wooden one with all its shakes and shivers. We loved the shows there too - from the saloon couple (I even had a sasparilla!) to the authentic Indian storytelling experience (which gave us both goosebumps) to the fun Snoopy and gang show. Which brings me to the only low point of the trip - I lost the digital camera at Knotts! DOH!!!!

The next day we went to the San Diego zoo, and it is still just awesome, in case you were wondering. We started at the Sea Lion show (per Miss Az5's request - she was hung up on them all trip long)and walked all over that crazy zoo. And it's not small either! The kids loved all the birds and the bears and especially the arctic exhibit - with reindeers and polar bears. Here was one instance where the cooler weather worked in our favor - the animals were all out lounging around and comfortable. We were even able to see the new elephant exhibit that had opened the week prior and loved it!! They have done a great job putting together animals there that go together and the elephants have a gi-normous area now to wander around in and show off. Of course we saw the Pandas (for me!) and rode the bus around, which was sooooooo nice as little legs started faltering. At the end of the day we rode the sky trams back to the parking lot and declared it a wonderful time!

The last day of vacation, we kept it pretty low-key and stayed there at the property. We walked on the beach for a bit, went and saw Night at the Museum 2 (loved it!) and had Smore's that night on the beach. Too much fun! The next day we dropped Grammy and Papa off at the airport early and then headed to the Children's Beach in La Jolla. After some serious meandering we finally found it - it is a spot where you can get within 10 feet of almost 200 harbor seals. The kids loved it!

(pictures are view out of our room, kids flying kites while we were at Knotts's and the zoo)

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