Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Balloon Festival

The next weekend, we all went to the local balloon festival - which is quickly gaining popularity in my house as a family tradition, akin to the Pumpkin Days fest in a local town. We all had a blast as usual, despite the requisite 6am wakeup call to get there.

We arrived right on time, just like last year, to see the crews starting to work on getting everything ready. Last year only about 3-4 balloons got up, due to local winds and weather, but this year it was perfect weather!! The kids love to walk around and guess which balloon will go up before another. There were more balloons overall this year too, not just more getting in the air. If I remember right the Remax balloon was appropriately the first to go up. It was followed by lots of bright colors, which the baby loved! The two the kids really got excited about were the local bank one (shaped like a buffalo) and the other bank one which had my alma mater's emblem on it. "Guns up!"

We then took Daddy to work, and the kids and I went to the local Cowboy Symposium. Great fun, and fortunately the weather waited until this event to get kinda soupy. We found great spots for the parade of the horse, which featured, duh, Horses!! pulling all shapes and sizes of wagons/buggies/etc. We also wandered around all the exhibits and really enjoyed the smells of the chuckwagon cookoff contest. Plus the lcoal Native American association was having their pow-wow next door, so we enjoyed that. Puzzling thing though - last year they welcomed pictures and encouraged audience enjoyment. This year, their behavior was odd, almost as if we the audience were interrupting their private religious ceremony. (Which was just wierd, as they had chosen to have it on public grounds, next door to a very public event...)Anyways, the older 2 wore their cowboy hats, and loved every minute of it.

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