Thursday, September 07, 2006

This and that...

We had a wonderful weekend with my family!! It was great - got to meet my sister's fiance (he is spectacular!!) and spend time with everyone, and we got almost 4 inches of rain through the whole weekend, when I wasn't working, sigh....I've got some great pictures to post, as well as a story about Az4 and the policeman's visit, but I was just about to doze off and take a nap. Then Az5 woke up fussy, and she's had a long few days. Got a bad case of the runs (or, pardon the language, "gutter butt" as a fellow mom calls it ;) ) and it isn't giving up yet. Even through bottles and bottles of pedialyte. So now she's up, and I can tell by my ears, just has filled another diaper, so off I go...But truth be told, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's a gorgeous day, so the windows are open and a wonderfully cool fall breeze is blowing through.

So I'm going to try and catch a 20 min cat nap, while she's playing happily in her saucer right now, as we then need to go pick up brother, try and catch the dairy cow demo at our library, and then off to wally-world (4th time in 4 days mind you...) for some MORE pedialyte and milk. Can I invest in it yet? At least I've gotten some laundry done today, right?

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