Saturday, April 09, 2005

Azx3 and Soccer

So he has started soccer. The first game was hilarious. He was always about 5-10 steps behind the whole group. Also, any time you hollered his name, he stopped cold where he was, turned, grinned big, and waved to you. Since nobody officially keeps score, we're all winners. (We lost 5-4.) Today was the second game. We actually had our uniforms in, so it was easier (I think) to figure out who was on our team - we're gray, and the other team was yellow/green. I guess I should mention that last year (when Azx3 wasn't on the team) they only scored 2 goals all year. We played so great today! I was very proud. Except that we definitely (as a team) ran out of steam in the second half. Azx3 kept up with the whole group first quarter (he plays 1st and 3rd quarters), and even kicked the ball several times - down the field and to a teammate. He really got in there to get after it - a HUGE improvement over last game. (To remember though, the biggest thing is that he has fun, so as long as we take care of that, the rest of it is just stuff for Mama to brag on!) The 3rd quarter was not so good - he was especially struggling to keep up with everyone, but had some nice kicks down the field to get the ball rolling. However, we do need to work on turning the ball around - they switch goals at halftime. He couldn't turn the ball around - but kept kicking it (with good kicks though!) toward the other team's goal, but never scored. We tied 7-7. Yay!!

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